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Professor Andrea Defusco-Sullivan

Ernest Hemingway was the consummate American hero.  He was brave.  He was a manly gentleman.  He was a devoted husband, a good father and a good friend.  He was all these things...except when he wasn’t.  I neither praise nor condemn the man; if you love his work, I shall not try to dissuade you; if [...]

Seamus Heaney is dead, and I, like countless others,  am shaken and saddened. Many of us in the Boston area lovingly and jealously think of him as “ours,” since for the better part of couple of decades, he was a fixture in the Boston/Cambridge area while he served visiting professorships at Harvard. In 1995, Heaney [...]

I swore that I would turn the blog over to the exceptionally capable hands of my colleague, Dr. Jessica Parr, but I return to the ACHLS blog to note how what we do at ACHLS finds parallels in the headlines, whether we seek the parallels or not. The prime example of that came shortly before [...]

There's more to life than books, you know...but not much more  - The Smiths Summertime, and the living is....well, it's rather muggy and busy here--you? Standard unpleasantries of mosquitoes, sunburns and heat rash aside, one way you can be a cool customer this summer is to exercise your mind. I've compiled a brief list of [...]

The administration, faculty and students of the American College of History and Legal Studies offer our thoughts and prayers for all those affected by yesterday’s bombing in the city of Boston. It is ironic and disturbing that an evil person or persons would attempt to taint a day which celebrates the spirit and courage of [...]

It is necessary that I take a moment to mourn the passing of Roger Ebert, the great American film critic and writer, who died yesterday at the too young age of seventy. Ebert's essays on films--each a perfect blend of ethos, logos, and pathos--were truthful and pointed without being mean, and evocative without being "spoilers." [...]

Readers of The Autobiography of Malcolm X are struck by the book’s power on a number of levels. It is a classic bildungsroman (that is, a “coming of age” tale that focuses on the protagonist’s emotional and ethical growth). It is a memoir of religious conversions. It is a snapshot of an age. It is [...]

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Blizzard of 1978, a blockbuster "Nor’easter" that impacted the Northeastern United States, with coastal areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut seeing some of the worst conditions. According to the storm's page on Wikipedia: The storm's power was made apparent by its sustained hurricane-force winds of approximately 86 mph [...]

Buñuelos in Spain, Loukoumades in Greece, Struffoli or Zeppole (depending on if the dough was cakelike or not) in Christian Italy, and Bimuelos in the Sephardic Jewish Mediterranean communities—the name changes, but all of the words describe little spheres of edible joy, pastries historically served to accompany the Judeo-Christian winter holidays. The treats are light, [...]

Dr. Chesson, Dean Mooney and I wish all of our students --juniors at The American College of History and Legal Studies, and our senior 1-L's at the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover-- good luck as you study for final exams! We are proud of you, your work ethic and your commitment to success through [...]